Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gus's Burrow Brew Root Beer

Gus's Burrow Brew Root Beer was procured and brought to me by one of my co-workers and her friend in Halifax, NS.  Thanks a bunch TC and JP! This root beer was specially made by Garrison Brewing Company in Halifax, NS for the Museum of Natural History in Halifax.  Gus is a gopher tortoise at the museum who just turned 93 years old this past August!  In honor of his birthday, Garrison was kind enough to create a special root beer just for him!  Can't say enough about Garrison and the kindness and class they show.

On to the root beer!  I poured this special brew in my favorite root beer mug.  I didn't get much of a head out of it, but I wasn't too worried about it.  The bite on this root beer was quite strong and the flavor profile was on the spicier side which overtakes the sweetness by a slight margin. I guess that is just the sweet lover in me.  I loved Garrison's Cannonball root beer and this one is just right behind it in my ranks.  The label gets a 10 though.  Good job Garrison and a very Happy Birthday to you Gus! Cheers (*with my root beer mug*) to more healthy and happy years ahead of you!

Rating:  9 / 10