Friday, August 29, 2014

Cubby Bear Root Beer

Cubby Bear Root Beer is another brew sent to me by my root beer buddy, BS.  

This brew is crafted by The Cubby Bear Chicago in Chicago, IL.

Nice head. Good flavour. No aftertaste but it didn't scream perfect to me.  

My bear pals again wanted to be in the pic since they love all root beers that are "bear" related.  They told me I'm being to hard on this brew and I should rethink it some.

Burp Rating:  8.5 / 10

Bear Paw Rating:  5  / 5 Paws (biased!)

Fizzy Izzy Root Beer

You have to love the label on this brew.  Thanks to BS, my root beer buddy in Ohio for sending me this unique brew.

To quote the creators "Fizzy Izzy Root Beer is named after Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary’s tiger, Izzy. Our Fizzy Izzy Root Beer is a wonderful bubbly treat that is sure to quench your thirst. Fizzy Izzy Root Beer is Brewed and bottled by Crown Valley, located in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. "

As much as I love the label and their mascot cat, I found this brew to have some kind of after-taste that I couldn't quite pinpoint and frankly did not enjoy.  Nice head on this one though.

Burp Rating:  6 / 10
Label: 10 / 10

Bronx Pop Root Beer

Bronx Pop is another root beer sent to me by my root beer buddy, BS, in Ohio.  

This root beer is manufactured by Bronx Pop.  It is sweetened with cane sugar and artificial flavours.  Sounds kind of boring but it's actually not too bad.  It has a nice head to it and I like the smoothness of it.  

Burp Rating: 8 / 10

Zeb's Ole Tyme Root Beer

Here's yet another brew sent to me by my good root beer pal, BS from Ohio.  Zeb's Ole Tyme Root Beer brewed by Zeb's General Store.

Zeb's has a decent head to it and flavour to boot.  It was not at the top of my list overall.  When I saw "ole tyme" I was expecting a bit more kick and old school rooty style.  That wasn't the case in my opinion.

Burp Rating:  6 / 10

Monday, August 18, 2014

Roundy's Root Beer

Roundy's is another brew sent to me by my root beer pal BS.    This brew is made by Roundys' Beverages from Milwaukee, WI.

Given the classy label, I was expecting this one to blow me away; however, I was disappointed.  The head was decent and strong but the flavour profile was lacking.  The sweetness was there and maybe it was overly sweet.  It could of used more of a spice balance in my opinion.

Burp Rating:  5 / 10

Propeller Root Beer

My good friend and co-worker, DM, brought me this root beer via his parents who recently made a trip out to eastern Canada.   This brew is crafted by Propeller Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

It took a couple of bottles for me to make a decision on how to rate this brew.  After the first bottle, I thought that it was an "ok" root beer that didn't pack a lot of punch nor did it have much finesse in the flavouring; however, after recently drinking a second bottle,  I found myself thoroughly enjoying it with some pizza.  That made me think.. Depending on what you pair this with, you might get that balance that makes a whole meal complete.  On it's own, I think it's weak.  

Burp Rating:  8 / 10 (just pair it well)

Frankie's Genuine Root Bier

Here is yet another brew from my good root beer pal in Ohio, BS.  Frankie's is brewed by Frankenmuth Brewery in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Frankie's is  sweetened with Michigan beet sugar and the pure vanilla adds to the intense flavor profile of this brew.  It has a nice head on it and I love the dashund on the label.  

Burp Rating: 8 / 10

Friday, August 8, 2014

Briar's Root Beer

Briar's root beer is another brew shipped to me by my root beer buddy in Ohio, BS.  

Made and distributed by Briar's USA Inc., this root beer I found to be fairly sweet.  Perhaps a little bit too much on the sweet side.  The flavour profile included caramel and the ingredient listing mentioned yucca extract.  The head on this was average.

Burp Rating: 7 / 10

Stone Cellar Root Beer

Here is yet another brew sent to me by my root beer buddy in Ohio.  Stone Cellar root beer is brewed in Appleton, Wisconsin by the Stone Cellar Brewpub.

I found this brew to be very interesting.  The color is a lot lighter - more blonde than dark.  Sweetened with pure cane sugar and you get these light subtle hits of spice (ginger maybe?).  Regardless, I found it to be an above average brew.

Burp Rating: 7 / 10

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pure Sodaworks Root Beer

Another bottle that my root beer buddy, BS, sent me was Pure Sodaworks Root Beer.  Pure Sodaworks is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  

They boast that this brew is made from 14 different herbs and spices (sort of like KFC!) ; however, they didn't mention any of them.  Sweetened with pure cane sugar and with a decent head when I cracked it open, I was pleasantly surprised.    Just wish I knew the ingredients. :)

Burp Rating: 8 / 10