Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oogave Root Beer

This is another root beer sent to me by my root beer buddy, BS.  

Oogave Root Beer is an all-natural root beer that is made by Oogave in Denver, Colorado.

All-natural == no sugar added.  This one is sweetened with agave nectar. The spices are nice.. The company's website indicates:  notes of sarsaparilla, vanilla, and horehound.  I did not find these ingredients listed on the label. 

For a sugar-free root beer, this one is pretty good.  Above average.

Burp Rating:  6 / 10

Capt. Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer

Two good friends helped me find this brew.  My good friend, AW, recently took a trip to Vancouver and brought me 2 bottles.  I wanted more so I can trade with my root beer buddy in Ohio, but AW wasn't able to find anymore. So I enlisted my good friend, AC, who lives in Vancouver to seek out more.  AC came through for me and shipped me 8 bottles!  Thanks guys!

Capt. Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer is brewed by Phillips Soda Works in Victoria, B.C. 

This root beer is almost perfect!  The spices are extremely interesting: Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extract, sarsaparilla, licorice root, black pepper, anise seed, cloves and cinnamon.  Sweetened with cane sugar and molasses.
A very nice blend of flavours and it's not overly sweet but that is why I say almost perfect as I felt it could of used a bit more sweetness.   

Burp Rating:  9.5 / 10

Rollie's Premium Style Root Beer

Rollie's Premium Style Root Beer is another brew sent to me by my root beer buddy in Ohio, BS.  

Rollie's is brewed by The Mt. Tom Beverage Company in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  

Rollie's is sweetened with pure honey, cane sugar, and maple sugar. It includes yucca extract for it's flavor and wow this one just blew me away.  It has a nice head to it as well.  Some may say that it is too sweet, but I think otherwise and BS and I both agree that more brews should use maple syrup as their sweetener.  Cheers to Rollie's Soda for crafting this masterpiece!

Burp Rating: 10 / 10

Moosejaw Root Beer

Moosejaw Root Beer is another sent to me from my root beer buddy in the USA, BS.  

Moosejaw Root Beer is brewed by  Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Company in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

I was very curious about this brew because of "Moosejaw" - Saskatchewan?  The company website calls it a Saskatchewan Soda.. hmm.. owners are canucks? :)

As far as taste goes, I found this brew to have little head and also I thought there could be a bit more spice or flavour to it.  
Burp Rating: 6 / 10

Red Barrel Root Beer

Red Barrel Root Beer is another brew that was sent to me by my root beer buddy, BS.   

Red Barrel is brewed by Keuka Brewing Company in Hammondsport, NY.   

This root beer has a decent head but I didn't quite like this one for some reason.  The spice was there but something was a bit off for me.  

Burp Rating: 5 / 10

Grizzly Paw Root Beer

Grizzly Paw Root Beer hails from my home province of Alberta.  My root beer buddy, BS, told me about it.   It is brewed by The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company in Canmore.   One of their staff, Kristina, was kind enough to ship me a couple dozen bottles directly to Ottawa.  

I love the logo.  So do our bear pals as you can see.  Seems like our bears like any root beer with a bear theme - go figure.  As far as taste goes, it is above average and  I found it a bit on the sweet side.  

Burp Rating: 7 / 10 <-bears say 10 :P

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baco Pop! Root Beer

Another root beer from my root beer pal, BS, in Ohio.  Baco Pop! Root Beer is very unique as it mixes chocolate into the flavour profile of the soda.  

Baco Pop! stems from California.  Their signature sodas are very unique with other flavors like "Hibiscus Sweet and Sour".    

I was nervous to try this bottle and thought that the chocolate aspect of it may turn me off immediately; however, when I took my first sip I realized that the flavours mixed quite nicely!  For me, it may not have been a soda to enjoy while munching on a bag of chips, but I thought maybe just maybe it would be great in an actual sauce. hm... A root beer bbq sauce -- yeah! Bobby Flay style...  If I ever get a bottle of this stuff again, this is what I will do with it.. :)

Burp Rating: 6.5 / 10

Begley's and Bill's Root Beer

My new root beer friend, BS, in Ohio surprised me one day by shipping me 21 different root beers.  Begley's and Bill's was one of them.   Funny enough, just days after BS had sent me this, I found it in the Natural Food Pantry store here in Ottawa! 

This root beer is an "all natural" soda with no sugar added!  It is sweetened with SweetenFX which is Begley's and Bill's propietary combination of  Stevia and Erythritol.  I prepared myself for the worst and had flashbacks to the other "natural" root beers I've tried in the past.  I took my first swig and thought "wow, this is actually not that bad!".  It didn't completely blow me away though.  Hence the rating.

Burp Rating:  7 / 10

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dr. McGillicuddy's Old Fashioned Root Beer

B found this root beer for me while in Lexington, Kentucky on a recent vacation.  Dr. McGuillicuddy's Old Fashioned root beer comes from New Orleans, Louisiana.   B brought me home 5 bottles and I saved the first one to drink for a special day.  It was nicely chilled for my first taste and it definitely packed some good flavour.   Perhaps a tiny bit on the sweet side; however, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Burp Rating: 9 / 10

Maine Root Sarsaparilla

While on a short vacation to Kentucky this past spring, B found Maine Root's Sarsaparilla for me.    She found it in a small restaurant in Lexington.  I had tried the root beer before and was hoping that this sarsaparilla would better suit my tastes.  My hopes were fulfilled, as I found this sarsaparilla to be nicely sweetened and balanced.   

Burp Rating:  7 / 10